Ruthless Research

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Areas of expertise

I have a personal and professional interest in encouraging evidence-based decision making in organisations that benefit the community.


My varied career has enabled me to explore my areas of interest.  Through personal preference I have found myself electing to manage projects for a wide range of public and voluntary sector organisations on many different subjects.  Whilst working for The Audience Business, I concentrated on research for arts and cultural organisations, and at Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health I focused on research around mental health and wellbeing.

Photo of Ruth receiving an award for arts and inequalities

Through this work I have gained expertise in:


  • Public health and health improvement

  • Mental health and wellbeing

  • The arts and culture

  • Audience development

  • Inequalities  

  • Social marketing


I have a particular interest in the role that the arts play in reducing inequalities, and believe strongly that everyone has a cultural entitlement to access to high quality arts and cultural resources no matter what their individual circumstances.  I  received an award for innovative and outstanding contributions to the field of arts and health inequalities (research) by the Royal Society for Public Health, 2010 for my work around mental health and the arts.  


I continue these interests, and more, at Ruthless Research.  


As well as working within these areas, Ruthless Research specialises in using primary research to solve strategic challenges in organisations that work for the benefit of the community.

Photo of Ruth Stevenson RSPH award

I have extensive business experience because I’ve worked for two global private sector consultancies (TNS and Ipsos MORI), had senior roles at two charities, and have set up and run my own business.  Not only that, but I have had the privilege of getting a unique insight into hundreds of organisations through the research that I have carried out.  I have also recently completed a degree in Business and Enterprise at Napier University which I passed with Distinction and received the class medal, giving me an academic grounding to complement my practical experience.  This breadth of business experience means that I am well placed to work with clients on strategic challenges such as pricing, branding, positioning and communications.

I have also undertaken research on behalf of the Scottish and UK Government into social issues including the flu jab, terrorism, food labeling, consumer rights, the Honours system, tax, broadcasting and the Child Protection Line.